Reinforced Soil Walls and Slope Reinforcement


Modifying soil slope profiles beyond their natural angle of repose, can lead to slope instability. This situation can arise when reducing the footprint of a new highway embankment, or to gain development area on a sloping site.

Maccaferri’s geogrid reinforcement used in conjunction with the soil, enable that soil to perform better than it would in its unreinforced state. Maccaferri geogrids enable soils to accommodate greater loads and stand at steeper angles. The geogrids are laid horizontally within the compacted soil mass during construction, reinforcing it due to their high tensile strength, low strain and good interaction with the soil.

Maccaferri reinforced soil slopes and structures are ideal with soils which have poor bearing capacity; the structure accommodates differential settlement far better than more rigid solutions. This is also a great benefit in seismic zones.

Our unsurpassed range of geogrid reinforcements, including MacGrid® WG, Paragrid and ParaLink with strengths up to 1350kN/m, maximises the opportunity to reuse site won materials as backfill to a reinforced slope. This saves on the export and import of materials from site, embracing sustainability and reducing polluting truck movements.

Cost savings through the reuse of site won material with geogrids can be substantial on a project. Furthermore, combinations of geogrid types, to create ‘hybrid structures’, often create more efficient designs and faster construction.

Maccaferri Terramesh® and Green Terramesh® combine the flexibility of soil reinforcement with the benefit of a modular system. With factory fitted face elements, geogrid reinforcement and with pre-determined dimensions, these systems significantly reduce on-site installation times.

On ‘green-slopes’, vegetation of the finished reinforced slope is important. Maccaferri can also assist in the selection of appropriate seed mixes, topsoil and erosion protection products.

Where there is not enough space on a project to construct a reinforced soil slope, it may be possible to use soil nailing. With soil nailing providing the overall slope stability, MacMat® R offers flexible surface reinforcement and protection options for use between soil nails.Maccaferri’s reinforced soil slopes and structures are trusted to support motorways, railway embankments and property around the globe.

In collaboration with leading technical universities, Maccaferri has developed software to assist in the stability analysis of reinforced soil projects. MACSTARS software incorporates the latest design methodologies to check both local and overall stability of complex structures.To request a copy please contact us


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