Coir Logs


Maccaferri Coir Logs are used within water courses to provide immediate erosion protection to vulnerable channel banks, that may already be eroding and undermining banks. The Coir Logs are installed at the water-line where they prevent  wave action from damaging river or lake banks. 

They are designed to rapidly revegetate and can be supplied pre-planted with established riparian species for instant bank vegetation. The plants quickly trap sediment and soils in suspension in the channel flow, quickly refilling in erosion pockets in the existing bank behind the line of coir log protection. 

Our Coir Logs consist of densely packed coir fibres contained within either a polymer mesh 'sausage' or within a woven coir mesh to produce an entirely natural coir log. These biodegrade over a period of years to leave a stabilised bank of plant biomass.

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